United Kingdom (National)

  • Specification: MagazineAds_1v4 (by GWG)
  • PDF Standard: PDF/X-1a:2001
  • Crop Marks: Required for ads with bleed
    • Binding: Saddle stitch

Display Fixed Sizes

Please note that any proof supplied for Grazia Magazine will not be forwarded onto the printers. Grazia uses a soft proof approval and colour management process in house and at the print site.

It is Grazia UK policy not to feature adverts with real fur in the content/images.

  • Full Page

    Trim: W 230mm x H 300mm

    Bleed: W 236mm x H 306mm 3mm all round

    Type: W 210mm x H 280mm

  • Double Page Spread

    Trim: W 460mm x H 300mm

    Bleed: W 466mm x H 306mm 3mm all round

    Type: W 440mm x H 280mm

  • Each page must be supplied as a separate file

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