Case study Primesight Supporting growth for outdoor media owners

The overview

Primesight is one of the leading out-of-home media owners in the UK, with 160 employees managing over 20,000 advertising sites. Recent investment has focused on the roll out of ‘InLinks’ and the development of digital billboard locations in cities throughout the country.

The challenge

  • Managing multiple ad delivery channels
  • Pairing special instructions with incoming ads
  • Supporting expanding product portfolio

The solution

  • Streamline incoming ads on one portal
  • Receive copy individually with special instructions
  • Automating growing delivery volume on Specle platform

The outcome

  • Free up time and resources for new projects
  • Ensure optimal results for advertisers
  • Offer even bigger range of ad solutions

The last three years Primesight have been rapidly growing their product portfolio. With the 2014 introduction of their 48 Sheet Network and the 2017 InLinkUK screens they are expanding at a pace to match the industry, which has the highest growth forecast of all media channels. Primesight’s expansions help advertisers reach a larger and broader audience. However, the additions of further environments have resulted in a more complicated workflow.

Prior to Specle, all digital content was arriving via various delivery methods, and as Primesight’s product portfolio grew so did the amount of incoming copy they had to locate, validate, combine with special instructions, and redirect to screens. Digital outdoor advertising allows for increasingly targeted messaging, and special instructions specify whether ads should run on certain days, on different panels, or in different locations. For Primesight, “the idea was to streamline all content delivery for their digital portfolio so that clients could send all content individually, verified, and with special instructions if necessary.”

“Specle is a really
easy-to-use system for clients and it is perfect for streamlining our content delivery.”
Olivia Pearce,
Digital Scheduler, Primesight

Specle developed a portal for Primesight’s advertisers to browse specs, deliver content, preview ads, and enter special instructions. The Specle portal is branded and customised, and Primesight consider it “stylish, and a good representation of the brand.”

It hosts specs for all four of their digital environments - Cinema Digital, Airport Digital, Roadside Digital, and InLinkUK, as well as instructions regarding the possibilities and restrictions of certain environments.

For digital schedulers at Primesight, the benefit of Specle is that it reduces time spent on communicating requirements and issues - it ensures verified ads, allows for easy matching of artwork and special instructions, and gives advertisers and the media owner a simple way to preview ads. Since the launch, Primesight have been “getting positive feedback from clients who are finding the portal good to use.”

Many of their larger clients were already using the Specle portal for print delivery, and appreciated being able to streamline all their content delivery in one place. Their Digital Scheduler, Olivia Pearce, also finds the Specle support team very helpful: “If I ever have any issues, it’s great that I can email or call them, and they always get back to us really quickly and help out with the clients.” One of the added benefits of the portal is the ability to share a public preview link with advertisers and clients. This has proved particularly helpful for their airport formats, launched in 2016, as ads have to be approved by the airport before campaigns can be scheduled or delivered.

For Primesight, one of the end goals is to make outdoor delivery a fully automated system able to handle large-scale campaigns.

To enable this, Specle is currently working on a campaign tool for the outdoor industry, scheduled for release in the coming months. This will allow users to:

Further developments are in the pipeline, and they are always built on close communication between the two companies. For Primesight, “the biggest advantage of working with Specle is being able to streamline the digital delivery process. Digital is an ever-growing environment. The more we can automate processes the better, and Specle is definitely helping us with that.”

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