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Guardian Half-Berliner Specials

United Kingdom (National)

Preparing Files

Export a PDF to these settings:

Specification: NewspaperAds_1v4 (by GWG)
PDF Standard: PDF/X-1a:2001

Convert to CMYK using these settings:

Profile: ISOnewspaper26v4 [download] (IFRA26 Max TAC 240)


publication dates and deadlines vary.
For information please call: 020 3353 2191

For a list of approved repro houses, Bureaus and advertising delivery methods please see the links below:

Delivery Methods:

Approved Senders:

For some general guidelines to designing your ad to make it suitable for print, please see this link:

WE DO NOT accept emailed advertising of any type. You must use one of our approved delivery methods

We never accept any advertising copy with crop marks, colour bars or other printers marks of any description. Advertising should be supplied to exact dimensions only.

Please ensure that there are no full stops in the file name.

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Display Column Sizes

Ad Dimensions are given as Centimetre Depth x Column Width

To calculate the dimensions of your ad, take the depth in millimetres x the millimetre width of the desired columns from the table below.

Example: 20×4 would be 200mm high by 132mm wide


  1 2 3 4 5 6
Page 1 30mm 64mm 98mm 132mm 166mm 201mm
Page 2 433mm
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