Body & Soul (SA)

Australia (National)

  • Specification: NewspaperAds_1v4 (by GWG)
  • PDF Standard: PDF/X-1a:2001
  • Crop Marks: Required for ads with bleed
    • Binding: Saddle stitch

Convert to CMYK using these settings:


Supplied material must be Press Ready, PDF version 1.4. All PDFs must be CMYK, supplied to the correct dimensions, with no printer marks. All files must be supplied before the deadline. Alterations will not be made to supplied PDFs. Replacement material must be supplied.

Photoshop setup – CMYK (Newsprint)

  • Resolution – 200dpi
  • Ink Weight – 230%
  • Separation Type – GCR
  • Black Ink Limit – 80% (recommended)
  • Dot Gain – 30%
  • Highlight set at a minimum of 3%

All fonts must be embedded. 10pt minimum reverse type, sans serif. Colour type 10pt minimum.

Leave 5mm text free on either side of the centre.

  • M6X6 (Half Page Horizontal Type: W 262mm x H 144mm
  • M12X6 (Full Page)

    Trim: W 278mm x H 310mm

    Bleed: W 289.0mm x H 320mm 5mm top and bottom, 5.5mm left and right

    Type: W 262mm x H 293mm

  • M12X12 (Double Page Spread)

    Trim: W 550mm x H 310mm

    Bleed: W 561.0mm x H 320mm 5mm top and bottom, 5.5mm left and right

    Type: W 534mm x H 293mm

  • Must be supplied as one file

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