48-sheet Billboards Specification

United Kingdom (National)

  • Specification: MagazineAds_1v4 (by GWG)
  • PDF Standard: PDF/X-1a:2001
  • Crop Marks: Required for ads with bleed
    • Binding: Saddle stitch

Convert to CMYK using these settings:

Print Specifications

DPI: 300dpi (minimum) / 450dpi (best)
File Type: CMYK
File Format: High Resolution PDF
Text Format: Outlined vectors for upscaling
Full Size: 6,096mm x 3,048mm
Safe Area: 5,696mm x 2,748mm
Printed as 12x Individual Panels: 1,016mm x 1,524mm

Printing: Blue-backed paper is recommended. Background colour should bleed to all edges
Trimming and Finishing: All 12 sections must be printed on individual sheets, measuring 1,016mm wide and 1,524mm deep, including UNPRINTED overlaps of 10mm, where specified:

  • TOP SHEETS need a 10mm rain overlap
  • UNPRINTED on the right-hand side only, except for sheet 6 that has no overlap
  • BOTTOM SHEETS need a 10mm rain to overlap UNPRINTED on the top and right-hand side, except for sheet 12 that only needs a top overlap

Paper Weight: 115 gsm blue backing poster paper
Spare Posters: A minimum of 20% spares is recommended

  • Full Size (100%)

    Trim: W 6096mm x H 3048mm

    Bleed: W 6116mm x H 3068mm 10mm all round

    Type: W 5696mm x H 2748mm

  • Tenth Size 10%

    Trim: W 609mm x H 304mm

    Bleed: W 629mm x H 324mm 10mm all round

    Type: W 569mm x H 274mm

  • 12 Individual Panels Type: W 1016mm x H 1524mm

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